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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Tozzi

When I first took a little tumble at the ferry landing in the city, I was surprised I had missed my step—I’m usually careful—as careful as one can be when you’re always in a hurry. At that moment, when people were flocking to help me gather my things, my embarrassment seemed to hurt more than my left knee—which took the brunt of my calamity.

I’m not much of a pill popper so a few advil was my drug of choice, but I realized I had to take more as time went on. Soon my right knee was becoming rather cranky, but I thought it was because it was working harder since I had been favoring the left.

Months later the pain began to radiate to my hip flexors. Again, self-diagnosing, I shrugged it off rationalizing that I was a yoga student for 12 years and it would just take time to heal—and took the alternative route, seeking the help of a chiropractor, and an acupuncturist–but to no avail.

I was getting desperate. In 8 months I went from the mortification of having to use a cane, then to depending on crutches. I could barely bend over and plug in a lamp. What was happening to me??

Some people describe me as being in “perpetual motion” but I had come to a grinding halt. (No pun intended.) Finally an x-ray revealed it was my hips that were literally grinding down to popsicle sticks. I needed not one, but two new hips. I was horrified. How did this happen? WHEN did this happen? How can I possibly deal with two surgeries? I’m single. I’m self-employed. I live in a townhouse. And, I have four cats. I wasn’t sure what was more traumatizing: surgery and dealing with my responsibilities or the notion of spending time in a hospital!

Dr. Glasser, at the Orthopedic Institute of Central Jersey, put one hand on each of my shoulders, looked straight into my eyes and said: “we can fix this. you’re going to be okay.” Minutes later she scheduled an appointment for me with Dr. John Tozzi.

When I met Dr. Tozzi for the first time he had a level of confidence and kindness that put me at ease, yet at the same time, he meant serious business. He showed me my x-rays. I didn’t have to know how to read them to see that I was in desperate need of “a new set of wheels.” Clearly I had been riding on my rims. He reassured me that while this was going to be challenging, he recommended a different protocol. No, I wasn’t getting out of surgery – but I wouldn’t spend one minute in a hospital. That was a confidence builder in itself.

Being a true leader in his field, Dr. Tozzi’s concept of a targeted recovery would be to perform certain surgeries at an out-patient surgical center: an innovative and forward thinking objective. I was finally beginning to feel confident that I would get my life back. Once we scheduled my procedure, he said one of the most important things to me:“Your only job from now on is to stay positive. I’ll take care of the rest.”

With ample materials, meetings and seminars, the Orthopedic Institute gave me all the information I needed to prepare my house and my mind for what I was about to undergo.

I arrived at the Northern Monmouth Surgical Center around 6:00AM – an immaculate, state of the art facility; and the staff was reassuring and considerate. Dr. Tozzi met with me and went over the plan of action: surgery, recovery room, walk with a walker when the anesthesia wears off, get in an ambulance and shipped directly to a rehab center (what I have deemed “ortho-boot-camp”) for 8 days.

I then went to Cooper Rehab twice a week for physical therapy and continued for several months—as I was going to need the second surgery within two months.

By the time I arrived at Meridian Subacute Rehabilitation Center in Wall Township, I was greeted by a marvelous nursing staff, and my physical therapist, who immediately made me walk with a walker again. Yes, 8 hours after surgery, I was walking with a walker; 24 hours after surgery I was in physical therapy doing leg lifts. Eight days later I was home. No hospital bed. No private nurse. Home. And able to climb the steps!

Eight weeks later (Deja vu) I repeated the same procedure: surgery, recovery room, walk with a walker when the anesthesia wears off, get in an ambulance and shipped directly to a rehab center, but this time for only 6 days. I continued my out-patient physical therapy for several months, joining the gym to keep my recovery on track.

In June I celebrated my one-year anniversary, and no one would suspect I’m bi-laterally bionic—especially those who watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and have seen me in gospel attire singing expletives—thanks to the care and skill of everyone who was involved in this process: The Northern Monmouth Surgery Center, Meridian Subacute Rehabilitation, and especially Dr. John Tozzi.

Corinda Carfora
Singer/Songwriter/Author/Publishing Executive

Dr. Tozzi was very caring and gave me detailed information about getting a hip replacement. I felt at ease and comfortable with him as my surgeon.

Dr. John Tozzi and his team are excellent. Dr. Tozzi is always very attentive and respectful. He is a true gentlemen. I always get the sense that Dr. Tozzi and his entire team really care about me. His assistant, Scott, is also very nice and attentive. Despite a busy office, Dr. Tozzi, Scott, and the entire staff always take the time to answer any questions and concerns. I would not go any where else for my orthopaedic needs. 

Dr. Tozzi is a caring, compassionate, and skilled surgeon who gave me my life back after performing a total hip replacement. I recommend Dr. Tozzi to everyone I share my story with. 

Dr. Glasser

m1Dear Dr. Glasser,

This is a picture of my finish at the Pier House 5K in Long Branch. This is my first race in 10 months and I feel great. Thank you again for everything you did to diagnose my injury and prescribe my healing process. I hope this picture makes you smile.Meg W.

tara-crowleyAs a competitive cyclist, overuse injuries are common. Dr. Glasser keeps me going whether I need therapy or medication and never fails to help me through my neck and knee injuries. As a triathlete herself, she really understands the biomechanics of cycling and where you can get into trouble. I have referred my family and friends to Dr. Glasser, always with a good result!Tara C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Glasser’s for well over 10 years. As a person with arthritis throughout the body I have seen Dr. Glasser for many problems over that span of time. She has always been extremely courteous, knowledgeable, helpful and kind. When I have needed treatment for a problem, Dr. Glasser has always been accommodating in fitting me into her busy schedule. My admiration for her skills and persona have caused me to recommend her to my son, my wife and a personal friend. She has helped them to the same degree. I have nothing but the highest praise for Dr. Glasser.John Z.

velocity1Dr. Glasser has been a tremendous asset during my roller derby career. Through various injuries she has been quick to alleviate my fears and pain and get me back on the track as soon as possible. In addition, she has been a great ally during my fight with myofascial pain syndrome. She never trivializes my concerns or symptoms, and works with me to find the best course of treatment to alleviate my symptoms. I never feel rushed in her office and she takes the time to explain the different treatment options available. She keeps on top of the latest research and that is invaluable when you are battling a disease that is still largely unknown. Being a patient of Dr. Glasser’s has changed the way I am able to live my life.Heather M.

20111008-DSC_4273As an elite athlete, immediate and successful medical care can be the difference between a winning season and no season at all! After suffering a debilitating injury in competition, Dr. Glasser’s urgent care, diagnosis and outstanding treatment allowed me to return to triathlon and ultimately, to qualify for the Ironman World Championship, Kona, Hawaii.Kate B.

Screen-shot-2011-07-25-at-8.29.31-PMAs a competitive athlete and an outdoor enthusiast we find ourselves taking risks and we unfortunately find ourselves in situations which we can’t avoid. In 2009 I started experiencing extreme leg pain which took me off my bike and being able to do what I love to do. After searching for answers and seeing multiple Doctors I was only getting worse. After several months of searching I found Dr Glasser who took the time to help me and do everything that was needed to get me back into all my activities. She was patient with me, caring and gave me the best treatment I needed. I have to say after a year of doing everything I need to do I was back at it.

Screen-shot-2011-07-22-at-4.13.00-PMI owe it all to Dr Glasser. I even won championship title in 2011. Since then she has been our go to Doctor for any injuries. My husband had a snowboarding accident the winter of 2012 which left him not able to do anything for several weeks. As an elite racer we worried that with the comprassion fracture he had to his spine that he would not be able to ride again. He was experiencing numbness and pain for quit a few weeks. With the care of Dr Glasser he is back on his back today in hopes to be able to race before the season ends in September. We love the care Dr Glasser gives to us and we couldn’t thank her enough for the many years of care she has given us.Thank you!
Teresa D.

orthoinstWhen you are a 78 year old with a recent pelvic stress fracture, scheduled to run a marathon overseas in two month, you truly need miracle “healing hands”! Laurie Glasser and her Peak Performance team went to work on me and actually got me in shape to finish the race.

Laurie’s medical miracles equal her “bed-side manners” accomplishments! Convincing my wife and kids that I could survive such a race and still finish with my leg fully attached puts her solidly in the “walk on water” category.

Thank you!

Dear Dr. Glasser,

I would like to thank for pursuing the mass found on my kidney while treating me for a back injury. As of now I am home recuperating from kidney surgery. All went well and I am thankful the cancer was found at an early stage. I appreciate all you have done. Thank you again.Sincerely,
Richard V.

My back feels so much better! Thank you, once again, Dr. Laurie Glasser. You are the VERY BEST and I appreciate you-all the time.Barbara R.

Dear Dr Glasser,

First, thank you again for your tremendous knowledge of research and medications-and then choosing one that would help me without the horrible side effects that over thirty (over 30!) doctors in the past prescribed for me.

Second, thank you for the referral for Jack. He was most pleased.

With our sincere thanks, warmest good wishes and love.Jack and Barbara R.

Dear Dr. Glasser

Thanks to you Phil is doing well. If it were not for you and your request for an MRI when we came to see you things could have turned out differently. So thank you so much for your instincts, knowledge and patient advocacy because we did the MRI that same day and you notified us immediately what was found. We can’t thank you enough.Laura and Phil B

Dr. Glasser has excellent bedside manner, was very thoughtful during my visit, and made sure to understand my full medical history. The connection to understand the process was so comfortable. Laurie is great asset to the company.

I have been seeing Dr. Glasser for over 15 years and always find her to be available when I need her, knowledgeable about my condition, and willing to go above and beyond in her treatment and explanations. 

Dr. Hollawell


Thank you so much for taking such good care of me.
God Bless YouRobin

testimonial-patDear Dr. Hollawell…

At Thanksgiving we are all grateful for all of the positive things life has given us. I am grateful for you!

Your knowledge…your skill and your compassion helped me through one of the most difficult times of of my life.

I thank you for being you!


Dr. Hollawell
I just celebrated my one year anniversary of my fusion surgery and I am happy to say that I am relatively free of pain(at least in that area!). So I just wanted to say thank you for your kindness and for a job well done.
Betty M

Dr. Hollawell
I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me with ankle & toe surgery over the past year. You are truly an ICON in your field. You have the patience – bedside manner that you don’t find in a lot of surgeons. Thank you for making me whole again. I will never forget you!!!
Ken B.

Excellent doctor experience all around. Very knowledgeable about my condition.

Dr. Hollawell and his supporting staff are tremendously professional, caring and compassionate toward their patient.

Dr.-Hollawell-Testimonial_Card-PatientThe secret to my gleaming smile is one doctor who is truly extraordinary, Dr. Shane Hollawell. Many months ago I told you that if I was able to run my Princess 1/2 Marathon again I would dedicate it to you. So for 13.1 miles I proudly wore this shirt for 26,000 runners on 2/21/16 to see along with a smile! Thanks to you, Gina and all of the staff who treated me during my road to recovery.Mary Lou

Dr. Hollawell had great bedside manner along with explaining my condition well. The surgery went well along with very little scarring. My health plan had recommended Orthopaedic Institute and I am very happy that I had Dr. Hollawell as my doctor. I would recommend him and Orthopaedic Institute to anyone.

Dr. Jarmon

Dr. Jarmon is very professional and conveys his medical options and opinions to your situation. As to date Dr. Jarmon preformed rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder with positive results. He made it very clear to following the through with the healing process as necessary which is necessary at times for certain patients. His concerns are well appreciated.

Dr. Petrosini

Mandi-300x225Dear Dr. Petrosini and the rest of the Orthopedic Institute Staff,

I came in to you guys about a year and a half ago, around March 2011 with a torn ACL, PCL, and LCL. At the time, I had been training for a half marathon, teaching zumba, and planned on being an ocean lifeguard in the summer. When I was diagnosed with such a serious injury, I thought I would never be able to run again, let alone do any of the active things I was used to doing. You all, however, had other plans. I wanted to thank you all for being so patient and professional in helping me overcome this injury and return to my normal lifestyle. Because of you all, I walked a 5K 5 months post-surgery, ran a 5 mile race about one year post surgery, and finally completed a sprint triathlon about a year and 2 months post-surgery. I have also been able to go back to ocean lifeguarding and even competed in a few tournaments! Another thing I was able to do was go white water rafting and hiking in Yosemite National Park with my family. Attached I have added pictures of these various events, in case you guys wanted to use them to inspire new patients to realize that although they might be hurt, they are not dead. There are always ways to get better, and by conducting such amazing surgery, you have pointed me and probably many others in that direction. I cannot thank you enough!!!!! You truly changed and saved my life.Mandi W.

Dr. Petrosini was extremely professional and kind. He showed empathy for what I am going through, thoroughly explained what was happening, options I had, and the procedure & recovery details. I have faith in his expertise and experience.

Dr. Rienzo

Dr. Rienzo is a wonderful doctor! He listens, cares and helped a lot!

I was very satisfied. Dr. Rienzo took time with diagrams and models to explain to my wife and I what was going to be done and what we could expect.

I love this doctor. He is easy to talk to, very understanding, and compassionate. I came home saying, “I love Dr. Rienzo!”

Dr. Rienzo speaks to me like an intelligent adult, which I greatly appreciate. He also made me feel comfortable discussing my issues without judgement. He is respectful of my time without rushing through the appointment. Overall he seems like a really nice man.

Dr. Roehrig

Dear Terry,

I am writing to express my admiration and gratitude for Dr. Roehrig. Dr. Roehrig is a consummate professional and his soothing bedside manner is both calming and commendable . I had a total knee replacement on June 26, 2012 and I feel amazing, I am writing this letter 12 weeks post surgery. He thoroughly explained the procedure and patiently answered my questions. I am a anxious patient, and he calmed my nerves. I never felt like he was rushing me out of the office, and I was impressed by his ability to connect with me as a patient, and I felt like he really cared about me.

I have never had a surgeon that left that much of an impression on me, and I have never written a letter paying accolades in the past! I have been telling everyone at physical therapy that is going to have a knee replacement, to go to Dr. Roehrig as I feel he is the most capable surgeon I have ever had. As the saying goes,there is proof in the pudding and I am doing well,and more importantly I feel wonderful! There were zero complications after the surgery and I am grateful for that. Thank you for providing such a fine surgeon.Always,
Andrea D.

I was referred to Dr. Roehrig by another doctor in the group when it became apparent that i was heading towards a knee replacement and he no longer did them. I was somewhat skeptical because he was fairly new at it compared to others in the group. After his first examination, any doubts i had about being in the wrong examing room were put to rest.

His bedside manner is second to none. I found him to be extremely professional, kind, humble and very knowledgable. At 52 years old, many people were telling me to wait, including my own general physician. Dr. Roehrig never pressured me to have the surgery although I knew my knee was more than ready. He assured me that it wouldn’t make his job any harder if I waited. He told me that I had to be mentally ready for the surgery. By the time I was 54, I knew i was ready and in very good hands. I had my surgery on May 31, 2011. I had an AMAZING recovery and I feel very strongly that was because of the care in which Dr. Roerhig took in putting my new knee together. I was only in rehab for 5 days afterwards. I walked into his office 2 weeks later totally unaided. I was walking at a speed I hadn’t been able to do in years on July 15th – only 6 weeks later! I now walk up and down the hills in Island Heights 5 days a week and have completed two 5k races and the Spring Lake 5 mile run, which was my ultimate goal . I had started losing weight before the surgery and ended up with a 70 lb weight loss by December. I believe i never would have achieved those results without my surgery. I am now able to keep up with my 5 beloved grandchildren and able to walk my dogs, something I hadn’t been able to do before the surgery. In short, I got my life back and I owe it to Dr. Roehrig. He is and always will be my hero!Patti R.

Dr. Roehrig replaced my left hip and I am scheduled for the right. He was very compassionate in the way he understood and treated my condition. I will never go to another doctor.

He is the Best!! I’m married to a professional and understand how difficult it is to listen and take the time to reassure and explain things that you, the doctor, do over and over. That is why Dr Roehrig is appreciated by me and I’m sure all his patients.

Amazing, thoughtful staff- I haven’t walked more than 100 yards in years. Now I don’t want to stop walking. Dr. Roehrig changed my life, I am forever grateful for such quality care and joyful at the result!

Taking my two knees that had given me terrible pain for 40 years to Dr. Roehrig was the best decision I could have made. I am so happy with my results. Going to the office is always a pleasure. From the front desk, to x-rays, to everyone who works with the Dr., and finishing up with the lady who makes the next appt, no one beats their team. They work together so well and each one shows concern and friendliness.  

Dr. Bhatnagar


Thank you so much for taking such good care of me.

God Bless YouRobin

To Dr. Bhatnagar & The Team

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job.
Dennis M. & Family

Dear Dr. Bhatnagar, Kim and Dr. Rienzo

All good people from the Orthopaedic Spine Institute. Thank you for your help in getting me back on my feet. Merry Christmas and a happy new year from my family to yours.
Joe B.

Thank you Dr. Bhatnagar for taking me through one of the most stressful and horrible time of my life. My injury has taken away my quality of life on many levels. I look forward to taking my life back, getting off medications to function and enjoy time with family and friends, and getting back to work. I am so grateful to have found Dr Bhatnagar.  

Everyone kept asking me if I was nervous about my surgery. I had so much confidence in Dr. Bhatbagar and Steve that I honestly was not at all nervous. I knew that my pain would be gone and that I was in the best hands possible. They were both kind and so informative and made me feel at ease. I would recommend them to anyone and so appreciate my friend who recommended them to me.  

Dr. Sclafani

Cole entered his Junior year with so much enthusiasm that he knew he would have the opportunity to play at the next level, and after his season ending knee injury we all thought he may have lost that dream.

Your expertise on how to approach the problem was exemplary and because of you and Cole’s hard work he is living the dream.

img_3657 3440 3384

Dr. Sclafani always explains the situation and reason for the care needed… Very cordial when speaking with you….Excellent surgeon, great bedside manner.

Dr. Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein has been extremely helpful in treating my lower back pain. Before surgery, he explained the entire procedure and answered my many questions.

Dr. Holtzberg

Dr. Holtzberg is a top-notch healthcare provider. I have relied upon his excellent judgement and care for over 3 years. I would recommend him to any friend, family member, or stranger seeking help.

Dr. Husserl

Dr. Husserl performed an ACL reconstruction on my left knee 24 years ago. When i came back recently for a follow up and possible procedure in the near future for the same knee he remembered me and the surgery from back in 92′. He’s a great doctor, very friendly, and takes the time to be personable and make you comfortable when in his office. I’ve had friends and family who have been to him and all say the same. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Dr. Gonzalez

Dr. Gonzalez has an excellent rapport with patients and made me feel immediately at ease, which was important given how anxious I was about the serious nature of my injury. He was patient and understanding with the right balance of humor, expertise, and understanding of my needs.