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Workers Compensation

The orthopaedic doctors at the Orthopaedic Institute of Central Jersey have been providing care for occupational injuries since the inception of the practice over 20 years ago. Due to the collective expertise of our doctors, they receive repeat referrals from Workers’ Compensation adjusters and case managers and have also been designated by area employers as the dedicated orthopaedic providers for their injured workers.

  • Our physicians specialize in treating work-related injuries and understand the additional needs that are involved with these referrals. They are experienced in providing detailed documentation that will assist the adjuster/case manager assigned to the claim.
  • Our physicians have extensive experience working and communicating with adjusters and case managers to coordinate the care for workers that have been injured on the job. This teamwork approach helps avoid delays in treatment and focuses on the ultimate goal of returning the patient to their pre-injury status.
  • Our office sends out Workers’ Comp Quick Notes and RXs to the adjuster/case manager the same day as the exam, which will include the diagnosis, return-to-work status and re-evaluate date/time (when applicable).
  • The physician’s full dictated notes are sent out expeditiously, usually the day after the evaluation.
  • Our practice has five offices in Monmouth and Ocean County that are conveniently located for referrals from a wide range of geographical areas, including neighboring counties.
  • We offer same day appointments for emergent referrals.
  • Our offices have on-site X-ray and ultrasound equipment which provide our physicians with immediate results that can assist in determining appropriate treatment recommendations and return-to-work releases.
  • Our on-site MRI and physical therapy facilities can provide expedited scheduling for workers’ comp patients.
  • Our practice has Staff members that will help adjusters/case managers with workers’ comp referrals, including a workers’ comp liaison for each of our offices, dedicated WC schedulers and a certified nurse case manager who can assist with complex cases.


If you are a Case Manager or Adjuster and need an office note or would like to provide us with your contact information for a claim that has been assigned to you, please contact:


Contact – Jarrod Clack
Ph: (732) 974-0404 x 1120
Fx: (732) 612-1406


Contact – Denise Hamilton
Ph: (732) 863-4790 x 1417
Fx: (732) 863-5342

Toms River

Contact: Heather Pinkiewicz
Ph: (732) 240-6060 x 1222
Fx: (732) 612-1452

Red Bank

Contact: Heather Pinkiewicz
Ph: (732) 240-6060 x 1222
Fx: (732) 612-1452


Contact: Heather Pinkiewicz
Ph: (732) 240-6060 x 1222
Fx: (732) 612-1452

If you need to discuss specific issues about your patient that are relevant to their Workers’ Compensation case or if you have feedback regarding our practice, please contact our Workers’ Compensation Case Manager, Jill Praizner, RN, CCM at (732) 240-6060 x 1223 or


If you are a Case Manager or Adjuster and need to schedule an appointment for your patient, please contact a member of our Workers’ Compensation scheduling team:

  • Karen Pasqua
    Ph: (732) 240-6060 x 1210
  • Phyllis Fisher
    Ph: (732) 974-0404 x 1110


I have been a nurse case manager for over 30 years. I just wanted to let you know just how impressed I am by your practice. The doctors are compassionate and provide expert care for all my employees. I have never heard an employee utter anything but praise for them. I am very grateful for the wonderful watch they always have.

I wanted too to let you know that your workers comp liaison Heather is the best liaison I have ever worked with. She is always timely, knowledgeable and consistently pleasant (even when I bother her with endless questions). With her providing me with timely medicals the treatment my employees need never gets delayed. She makes a huge difference in quality of care they receive. Employees are scared and in pain, it’s a hard time for them and having Heather as the w/c person makes things run so smoothly for them. We always get the work status so checks can be issued which really helps decrease some of the anxiety of being on comp. She gets me the medicals so I can approve the necessary treatment and there is no waiting. Anytime I have a question for the doctor she is awesome at getting me an answer almost immediately.

Heather is the perfect model of what every liaison should be. Thanks to everyone at your office for providing such superb care for our valued employees. I never hesitate to recommend your office to anyone looking for care in New Jersey and look forward to continuing to do so.
Beverly – Case Management Specialist

Just wanted to take a moment in the New Year to express how much I appreciate working with OICJ!

I can always count on getting my quick note after the exam, and the dictation follows the next day, which answers any lingering questions I may have.

You are a wonderful group, thanks again for making our stressful jobs a bit easier.
Take good care,
Cathy RN, CCM – Case Manager

Thank you sooooooo much. Your help all of the time makes me look great to my company
All of the staff is terrific!!!!
Dorothy, RN – Medical Case Manager

You are toooooo fast! What a great office/WC dept. You make it easy for case managers!

Bernadette, RN, CCM