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Why Athletes Should See An Orthopedic Specialist If Experiencing Shoulder Injury Symptoms

Athlete experiencing shoulder pain
Since the foundation for any overhand or sidearm motion is the shoulder, injuries to the shoulder are among the most prevalent injuries in sports. Sports such as tennis, basketball and especially baseball can leave athletes more susceptible to shoulder injuries based on the demands it asks the body to make in order to be played at a high level. Some of the most common shoulder injuries affect the rotator cuff, labrum, and/or the AC joint.

Athletes that find themselves with unsubsiding pain in the shoulder should be seen by an orthopedic specialist at the first sign of symptoms to prevent further damage to the area.

A torn rotator cuff, for example, if left untreated would cause the untreated tendons in the shoulder to become weakened which can then lead to serious pain and weakness in the shoulder. These problems can be the root of lingering or chronic pain in the shoulder that make it virtually impossible for athletes to endure or perform at a high level. Other symptoms of a torn rotator cuff include, but are not limited to, a limited range of motion that can affect an athlete’s performance in more ways than one and a “catching” or “popping” sensation within the shoulder joint.

If an athlete is looking forward to continuing their athletic careers, it should be suggested that any inhibitions the athlete may have regarding the health of their shoulder gets dealt with. A problem with the shoulder that does not get treated can lead to bigger problems and worsening symptoms.